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Drip, Drip, Drip

I call this photo The Drip because there really isn’t much else you could call it. I had done some previous drips before but I needed to redo it to have the drop better focused and the handle turned forward. I then took it into Aperture to sharpen it up a bit and then added a toy camera filter then converted to black & white.

Canon REBEL T3i 1/1000 sec f/1.4 ISO400 50.00 mm


Oh Christmas Tree!

This is a photo of the Christmas tree my family had at Christmas this year in Sioux Falls. I wanted to get the presents in there but I didn’t have enough room to back up to get everything.

Natural Light Portrait

A picture of my mom with some natural light coming from a big window on Thanksgiving Day. Had to take a few shots to get it perfect then it was slightly overexposed where the window is so I fixed that.

Edward Weston Photo

The Weston Apple

The Weston Apple


This is a photo of an apple, obviously. It is my attempt at a Edward Weston, it doesn’t have much character to it but I do like the spots that show up better when I turned it black and white, from the original green granny apple smith color.

Shutter Speed

A few shots that I took of a sink faucet in the bathroom, it took a few shots on full blast and coming up with nothing to coming up with a little drip and that’s when the magic happened.

Depth of Field/Selective Focus

Got this picture while I was at Sica Hollow in South Dakota. I was on my way back down to the meet up site for a lesson on macro photography and on the way saw this little caterpillar on a leaf so I got 2 quick shots while it wasn’t blowing too hard and this is the best of the 2.

Complementary Colors

This is a mix of all the complementary colors in sharpie markers, at least all the ones I had colors for. It is kind of focused in the middle of the photo and blurs out on the edges.