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04-30-13 Trophies Made Out of Car Parts

IMG_2971 (1)

These are car race trophies that are made out of car parts that I saw at a car show I was at this weekend.

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Cody Lee Photography Flyer


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4-23-13 Pine Tree Macro


This if you weren’t sure what it was is a macro shot of a pine tree. I saw that it was displayed in my school’s photo gallery and I wanted to see what other people’s thoughts were.

3-20-2013 Cross


This cross is located in the Cathedral of Saint Paul in St. Paul, Minnesota and was taken during recent school trip to Minnesota.

2-5-13 Will’s Car HDR

Will's Car Logoed

This is my friend Will’s car that I have posted pictures of before, this one I had to have a fast shutter speed to catch him and all the dust then I added HDR which I thought made the details stand out a lot more.