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12-14-12 High Key Tree


This is a tree incent burner that I thought would be a perfect subject for a high key photo, and I would say that it turned out pretty well. I used a couple different slabs of material and the one I picked for this one went well with color of the tree and it was somewhat reflective as well.

Canon T3i 1/100s f/8 ISO200 50mm


11-14-12 Lemon Lime HDR

This is a picture of a lemon and a lime cut into slices then stacked on top of each other with the remaining part of the lemon and the lime off to the sides. This was done for a portfolio project for school not sure if this one will be the one in it im not sure, it is my favorite so I might. Used a high key setup had to adjust a few settings to get it so it wasn’t blown out then added HRD and this is the result.